Our Pentagon Interlocking Fire Pit - five sides of fire!


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At Made O’Metal, we are committed to giving you just what you want.

So when customers asked for larger versions of our ever-popular interlocking fire pit, our engineers got to work.

The result? The five-sided pentagon fire pit. Like our established four-sided model, the pentagon can be quickly assembled and taken apart again for easy storage after use. It only takes seconds and no tools are required.

This flexibility is great for those who do not want a fire pit as a permanent garden feature. And now it comes with added firepower, as the extra side allows more wood to be loaded for burning.

The interlocking pit is made of high quality mild steel. All surfaces are painted and you can even personalise your pit with your name or company logo. Existing owners can buy extra sides and a new base to modify their current interlocking pit and give them more options.

If you own our original 4 sided interlocking fire pit get in touch and we can give you a cost to supply an extra side and a new penatgon base, then give it a touch up with our high temperature paint and it will be like you have two new fire pits!

The Interlocking – our Pit that fits, wherever you need it!

Please note: the Pentagon five-sided pit is not equipped with a stainless steel grill for cooking over the fire.