An easy-assemble pit you can store away


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There’s nothing like gathering around a blazing Fire Pit in your garden as the sun sets and the stars come out.  It feels magical.

But Fire Pits may not be everyone’s idea of a permanent garden feature 24/7. For those with limited outdoor space, our interlocking Fire Pit is the ideal solution.

It’s made in five sections that can be quickly assembled and taken apart again for easy storage after use. It only takes seconds and no tools are required. This also makes it ideal for holidays in caravans or camping where fires are allowed. The fire pit will give you all the pleasure of a campfire without the mess, or damage to the ground underneath.

And if you want to cook around your campfire, we can add a food grade 304 stainless steel grill which, like the other five sections, slots easily into place.

The interlocking Fire Pit’s unique design makes use of high quality mild steel to deliver a robust, yet portable product, maximising its versatility. All surfaces are painted and you can even personalise your Pit with your name or company logo.

The Interlocking – our Pit that fits, wherever you need it!

We also offer a 5 sided interlocking fire pit and a 6 sided interlocking fire pit for an even bigger burn!


  • Height 0.4m
  • Width 0.42m
  • Depth 0.42m
  • Weight 9kg