We recently had an enquiry from one of our customers to see if we could do a custom house number plaque. He explained they spent time in both the UK and at their property in New Zealand throughout the year. They wanted a new house number plaque for their property in New Zealand. The customer had spent hours searching the internet for all sorts of different designs, but nothing he found seemed quite right. His wife wanted something that was high quality, would stand out and also be personal to them.

             After further conversation we found out that one thing the couple had in common was that they both loved to play golf, so we decided to create a golf themed plaque!

             It was passed on to our design team along with the instructions this had to be something special and out of the ordinary as the customers wife is not easy to please. The team came up with a number of ideas, but then our engineers had a brain wave and asked ‘why does a house number have to be fixed to the house wall, what if it was fixed to a post?’ From there we came up with the unique idea of a golf pin flag.

             We used high quality stainless steel and rolled it so it gave the effect the flag was blowing in the wind. To say the customer was happy would be an understatement, but never mind him, what about his wife you ask? She loved it! This was exactly what she had wanted, something that was unique and also personal to them as a couple.

I’m sure you’ll agree our design team and engineers definitely 'made the cut' on this project!

House number

2018-05-10 14:54:18

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