Jack, a local resident, came to us recently with a problem and asked for our help. Every morning when he went to get his milk from outside he found that birds had pecked the tops! After trying numerous ways to prevent this he contacted us to ask us if we could manufacture something that would protect his milk, and obviously we were more than happy to help!


We set our team of designers the task and they came up with the stunning stainless steel milk box. The box is made from high quality food grade brush finish stainless steel and can be wall mounted so you can put it wherever you like. Not only does our stainless steel milk box give the milkman somewhere to leave your milk, it looks great creating a unique feature in any garden and best of all its bird proof!


Jack loves his new milk box, but we do however have to say a little thank you to those pesky birds, without them we wouldn’t have this great new product in our range! The stainless steel milk box can be found in our bespoke items section, click here to go to the page.

2015-12-01 00:53:06

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