PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR THE ADDITONAL PART ONLY, NOT THE FULL FIRE PIT. Purchase additional panels and bases to convert your orginal interlocking fire pit into one of our other models


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Just when you thought your interlocking fire pit could not get any more versatile you can now purchase additional panels and bases to convert your original fire pit in to one of our other models. Our fire pit comes in the original 4 sided, 5 sided and 6 sided The panels used in each of these products are the same and by purchasing an additional base and 1 or 2 panels you can convert your fire pit in to any of these models.

And if you want to cook around your campfire, we can add a food grade 304 stainless steel grill which, like the other sections, slots easily into place. This is only available for the 4 sided model.

The interlocking Fire Pit’s unique design makes use of high quality mild steel to deliver a robust, yet portable product, maximising its versatility. All surfaces are painted and you can even personalise your panels with your name or company logo.

The Interlocking – our Pit that fits, wherever you need it!