Say goodbye to bird-pecked milk bottles


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They say one of the main purposes of good design is problem solving.

If so, our stainless steel milk box is a design classic because it’s cracked the conundrum of pecked milk.

Doorstep milk deliveries are great until the birds arrive and peck the foil tops of your milk bottles for an early morning drink. It’s not only annoying but also unhygienic.

But no longer, if you invest in a Made O’ Metal milk box, made from high quality, food grade, brushed stainless steel. Even a woodpecker would struggle get through that!

The box can be wall mounted or placed on the ground and is big enough to store other milkman deliveries such as cream and eggs.

So, don’t cry over pecked milk – get our stainless steel milk box.


  • Height 21cm
  • Width 18cm
  • Depth 18cm
  • Finish Brush finish stainless steel