See beautiful colours as it heats


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Our stainless steel Cone Chimenea is a thing of beauty.

Designed and made by our British craftsmen, the chimenea is constructed entirely from premium quality 304 grade stainless steel. It will catch and reflect the light in your garden and is completely rust proof.

Then, light it up and, as the heat builds, watch the stainless steel react with the rising temperature, providing a rainbow of oranges, purples and blues across the surface of the cone – your own garden light show!

This Cone Chimenea is particularly versatile as it can be used on lawns without causing scorch damage to the grass beneath, even though it runs at high temperatures due to its stainless steel construction. This is because the chimenea has a built-in wood store situated beneath the fire pit, shielding the ground from the hottest area of the chimenea. 

It’s versatile, practical and a real beauty – the Stainless Steel Cone Chimenea.

This product is also available in black finished mild steel


  • Height 1.4m
  • Width 0.5m
  • Depth 0.5m
  • Weight 14kg