Spring has sprung and with it a whole new season to use your Made O’ Metal chimenea or fire pit out in the garden.


Since your chimenea has probably been stored in the shed for the winter, now is a good time to dig it out, give it a dust down and get it ready for summer. As all Made O’ Metal fire pits and chimeneas are made from black mild steel and are coated in heat resistant paint, the maintenance of them is fairly straight forward. These perfectly designed garden heaters combine a sleek, modern exterior with a charming, rustic finish completing any outdoor space.


If the weather doesn’t quite allow for sitting out in the evening yet then there are other uses for your Made O’ Metal chimenea or fire pit: assisting in household clean up such as burning leaves and garden debris as you ready the garden for BBQs and parties. Or as a burnable bin for unwanted household paperwork.


Some of our customers place a large candle in the mouth of their unlit chimenea and use it inside, in conservatories and ‘man caves’ – but remember not to burn your chimenea inside!


And of course, many Made O’ Metal chimeneas and fire pits are suitable to be used with a grille so an early Spring BBQ is always a possibility. Whether it’s rain or shine, if you’re entertaining or simply looking for the perfect finish to your garden, a Made O’ Metal chimenea or fire pit should be at the top of your list.

2014-04-03 10:36:03

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