Dark, handsome and built to last


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The angled apertures on this cone chimenea make it really stand out, giving it a stylish, contemporary feel.

The black Angled Cone Chimenea is made by craftsmen in our workshops from high quality mild steel which is then coated in a heat-resistant matt black finish.

When lit, the flames highlight the angled lines, making your chimenea truly distinctive.

It’s versatile too, and can be used on lawns without causing scorch damage to the grass beneath. This is because the chimenea has a built-in wood store situated beneath the fire pit, shielding the ground from the hottest area of the chimenea. 

The Black Angled Cone Chimenea -  so hot it’s cool !


  • Height 1.33m
  • Width 0.5m
  • Depth 0.5m
  • Weight 14kg